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Do you want to avoid the pain of losing money in the Stock Market?  If you answered YES then read on.

Here at Manly Global Investment Services you have access to a team of experts specialising in direct shares, Self Managed Superannuation, and capital protected investments. Whether your investment goals are to maximise potential returns or minimise risk, Manly Global can assist you.

Specifically the Manly Global Focused Portfolio Service (FPS) involves an investment philosophy similar to that adopted by Warren Buffett.

Through adopting this philosophy you are able to avoid the pain assocaited with the loss of money when investing in the share market and have the potential to significantly outperform the market with confidence.

Lets put this into perspective: Can you remember back to 2008?  Here’s a reminder – In 2008 the sharemarket fell over 50% with the majority of superannuation funds declining by almost 30% as a result of the Global Financial Crisis.  During this time when the market fell and many economists described it as the worst global crisis in over 70 years, Manly Global clients had the majority of their investment protected.

Now if you want to join the 95% of people who invest in the stock market and feel the pain of losing money then be our guest.  Alternatively you can join the 5% of people that know how to avoid this pain by CLICKING HERE for more information.

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